NBMA Water Department Fire Hydrant Flushing Program for 2020 has begun. Crews will work Sunday through Thursday nights from 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m.


As of March 29, 2020 the crews will be flushing in the Cementon area of Whitehall Township. Crews will also be flushing in the Borough of Northampton 1st ward. Crews will move south through the distribution system over the next few weeks. 

Check back to this page for weekly updates on where crews will be in the distribution system and when.


When crews are flushing near your neighborhood water pressure may be low and the water may appear cloudy. This is only a temporary condition and the water is SAFE TO DRINK but you should run the cold water faucet until it is clear, especially before washing clothes.


If you have any question call the NBMA office 24 hours a day @ 610-262-6711.